Metabolic Testing

Are you an elite endurance athlete? Weightlifter? Three Sport Athlete? Busy parent with four kids trying to lose weight? At DR3, we have the equipment and know how to help you reach your body composition goals. Metabolic testing is a broad phrase for an extremely specialized service. We offer VO2 Threshold testing to give clients the most accurate assessment of oxygen uptake, fat metabolism, and fitness level. Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) testing will give the client a precise measure of their daily caloric needs based off of their own body, not norms from a table! Finally, InBody Body Composition analysis (the same technology used by professional sports teams) gives an extremely accurate measure of body fat percentage, amount of lean muscle, and distribution of lean mass in different segments of the body. Regardless of your fitness level, sport, or goals, Metabolic Testing with our Masters-Educated Exercise Physiologist will give you the data you need to kick your training and weight loss into overdrive! Each appointment comes with a one-on-one with our Exercise Physiologist as well.

Accurate and Reliable Data Collection and Analyzation

Throughout the entirety of your test and the week thereafter, the Exercise Physiologist will be collecting and interpreting data which will be used to generate a professional and complete report for you to use for yourself or give to your coach. The report will include a full breakdown of your metabolic testing results along with recommendation for training zones based off your heart rate ranges. Additionally, you will receive all of the raw data obtained from your testing such as graphs, printouts, and protocols. This information is pivotal to any serious athlete looking to achieve results from training such as muscle gain, fat loss, and improving your event performance. We use real science to give you accurate and precise results as opposed to making generalized recommendations based off cookie-cutter programs.

Consultation provided by Masters-educated Exercise Physiologists

At DR3, our main focus is putting YOU in charge of your fitness and performance. The best coach in the world can’t MAKE an athlete want to succeed, but the data and services we provide for you will kickstart your performance! In addition to all of your testing, you will receive a consultation with our Exercise Physiologist who specializes in metabolic testing and exercise prescription for all populations. At the end of your testing, you will have a 1-on-1 conversation with John, our exercise physiologist, regarding your personalized results and programming based off the data.

VO2 Threshold Testing
Resting Metabolic Rate Testing
Body Composition Analysis